Brown Spots and Skin Discolorations, Skin Wrinkles, Skin Capillaries at Tysons corner

As we age we commonly feel that our skin appears to be tired and not as vibrant as it once was. This occurs due to aging, sun exposure and genetics.

Skin Spots

While age spots are much more common in people over the age of fifty, they can also be experienced by younger people, especially those who are exposed to the sun more often and also those with very fair skin. Age spots are not a serious condition, but they are often a source of concern for cosmetic reasons. The use of NewEra Medical Aesthetics and Laser Center skin care line with proven regenerative ingredients can sometimes be the best option for protecting the skin from further sun damage and repairing the cells that are already compromised. The best way to approach treating the cosmetic issue of age spots is to repair and protect the skin from both current and further damage.

Dr. Manrique offers chemical peels, IPL and laser which work pretty well clearing sun spots.

Skin Wrinkles

Wrinkles form when skin begins to lose its collagen, which is a natural part of life and cannot be prevented from happening.

Some of the most successful treatments to reduce the appearance of fine surface lines and deeper s wrinkles are Botox, dermal fillers, , platelet rich plasma and  PRP with Micro-needling.

Skin Telangiectasias

Telangiectasias typically measure between 1 and 3 millimeters in width. They are usually harmless but can cause itching and be painful because of pressure on the small veins. They commonly occur on the face, nose, chin, and cheek. Facial redness caused by telangiectasias on the face are due to broken blood vessels or spider veins in the face.

Telangiectasias are also found on the legs, chest, back, arms, and legs. Those that appear on the legs are referred to as spider veins. A spider telangiectasia is a telangiectasia with a red, central feeding vessel and outward branches. Telangiectasias tend to be more of an image concern than a health issue. However, they can be a sign of more severe health problems.

Telangiectasias in the face can be treated with IPL or cauterization. Spider veins in the legs are treated with Aesclera.

Dr. Manrique offers a new combination treatment known as three for me. The ThreeForMe™ treatment is the proven way to solve all of your skin concerns at once. Only the ThreeForMe™ treatment can address three common skin concerns – wrinkles, sun damage and facial veins – all within one procedure. It can be performed in face and chest areas. The procedure takes only 30 minutes getting you the best results possible while still fitting within your busy schedule. The downtime is no longer than two days.