Lip Enhancement

There are many ways to rejuvenate your lips. Depending on your lip shape and desired result, you may need just one of the following treatments or several to get the look you want.

Restylane® Silk Dermal Filler , Vobella®, Kisse.

Fillers are an ideal solution for increasing lip volume and reducing lip wrinkles and fine lines. Dr. Manrique uses and recommends these fillers because she believes they have the most consistent results. Dermal fillers improve the appearance of your lips by boosting volume, improving the structure and most critically, improving overall lip shape.

PDO Threads

For patients who wants a natural and refreshing look, PDO threads can be placed in the same fashion as a dermal filler. They can be used in combination with other techniques.

Perioral Fractional Erbium Laser

Due to the effects of aging, sun exposure or cigarette smoking, fine lines and wrinkles may appear around the mouth. These lines are usually called “lipstick lines” or “smoker’s lips” because of the way they radiate out from the lips and into the surrounding skin.Perioral fractional laser lessens the appearance of these lines to create a youthful appearance by literally removing several layers of skin to stimulate collagen production resulting in a lasting improvement of skin texture and lessening of deep lines.

Botox® And Dysport® For Smile, Marionette Lines and Fine lines

Botox® and Dysport® are both very popular treatments for facial wrinkles and smile Lines. They are safe, effective and long-lasting. When injected with the correct skill and artistry, the treatment results in a very natural-looking result so others won’t know you have had “work done”.

By Dr. Liliana Manrique