Earlobe Repair

What are the more common problems of the earlobe?

The earlobe can present keloid lesions, get enlarged or simply become thinner with age. Enlarged earlobes can be a result of an accident, or due to years of wearing heavy earrings.

Earlobe repair can be performed as a simple in-office procedure. It can help to either preserve or close a part of the original ear piercing. There is essentially no down time after enlarged earlobe repair. Earlobe repair can improve your appearance and restore attention to your attractive features.

What can be done for KELOID lesions?

Keloids as a result of ear piercings typically appear as scars that are thick, discolored, itchy, and abnormally raised. Ear keloids can be treated with steroid injections. That being said, if the ear keloids are persistent, they can be removed altogether, to help reduce the unsightly appearance and restore the appearance of your ears.

What can be done for enlarged earlobes?

For enlarged earlobes, Dr. Manrique performs earlobe repair surgery under local anesthesia, the patient may remain awake, while still feeling comfortable. Dr. Manrique will administer a local anesthetic to numb your earlobes, she will then conservatively remove any portions of the ear piercing that may be scarred, before closing the area with small sutures to help minimize any scarring. If you later elect to have your ears pierced again, you may feel free to do so once your earlobes have healed from the surgery.

Can I improve the earlobe appearance without surgery?

Thinning of the earlobes can be treated with Dermal fillers. Depending on the problem, Dr. Manrique may recommend earlobe repair surgery first.

By Dr. Liliana Manrique