Double Chin – Unwanted Fat

The chin in particular is one of the most defining features that affect the overall aesthetic balance of your face. A strong well-defined chin and sharp jaw line convey a look of youthfulness and good health.

As we age, the subcutaneous fat around the neck and chin begins to migrate south and starts to sag. This gives the appearance of what is commonly referred to as the “double chin.” While this “turkey neck” appearance is more common in elderly and overweight individuals, younger people of average weight can be affected too. Bone structure and the amount of loose skin one has can all play a role in the aesthetic contour of an individual’s chin and jawline.

Many patients can reduce the appearance of a double chin through diet and exercise, but for others who are genetically prone to store fatty tissue in this region, diet and exercise are not likely to help.

Dr.Manrique offers microliponeck liposuction. It might be the right solution for you. If you prefer to have a non-surgical procedure to eliminate the unwanted fat, Kybella injections can be performed.

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